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VO tools and utilities

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ImageJ SAMP plug-in Turns ImageJ into a VO image viewer, and provides the VO with high level image processing and conversion functions.
APERICubes PDS on-line reader & viewer demonstrator (3rd version) - based on JS9, currently supporting Virtis Venus-Express data (spectral cubes)
New telescope list Will be coupled with the matrix of ground-based telescopes (input system from Europlanet FP7) and a coordinated ground-based observation system with 3D visulization.
VO plugins for QGIS Installation tutorial & link to code

EPN-TAP v2 library EPN-TAP java client to be included in VO tools
Data service validator Checks the interfaces of a data service, testing various protocols. Includes EPN-TAP v1 and v2, and PDAP (v 1.0).
GeoFITS: FITS format for Planetary Surfaces Description & conversion codes
Planetary Cesium Viewer On-line 3D viewer for generic planetary surface analysis, developed by GEOPS/Orsay
Object resolver SSODNet name resolver for Solar System objects. Currently used for name completion in VESPA query interface.
Miriade Web form VO-compliant ephemeris service with visibility charts (ViSiON).
LecturePDS PDS3 reader for IDL & GDL.
IDL_VOtable VOtable reader and writer for IDL & GDL (based on STILTS library / TOPCAT).

Further information

VESPA wiki JRA-Task 2. Tools & Interface
VESPA GitHub Code repository for VESPA


VESPA has first been designed in the frame of Europlanet-RI JRA4 work package (IDIS activity).
The Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654208.
Additional funding was provided in France by the Action Spécifique Observatoire Virtuel and Programme National de Planétologie / INSU.

Europlanet Project supported by the European Union VOParis Observatoire