VESPA services available on day 1

This page describes the status of VESPA at the onset of the Europlanet2020 project (Sept 2015). This has became more and more obsolete as the project got forward.

Services to the community

The VESPA user interface is inherited from Europlanet FP7/IDIS and later developments. It will be upgraded in H2020 to handle more complex queries and many data services
Function Host institution Status
VESPA User search interface
(EPN-TAP and PDAP client)
PADC/Paris, Fr
Avalaible, queries all EPN-TAP and PDAP data services

Data services (reachable through EPN-TAP)

The current data services are developed according to Europlanet FP7 specs, or are older services with EPN-TAP access implemented on top. Most of them have other access modes available, and sometimes a detailed web interface with additional functions.
Name Host institution Status/Comments
APIS Auroral Planetary Imaging and Spectroscopy
PADC/Paris, Fr
Open; web interface includes search functions and previews
Encyclopaedia of Extrasolar Planets The Encyclopaedia of Extrasolar Planets
PADC/Paris, Fr
Open; web interface includes comprehensive bibliography and selection/plot functions (content predates Europlanet/IDIS)
HELIO-HFC Active regions Heliophysics Feature Catalog active regions, from HELIO project
PADC/Paris, Fr
Open; web interface provides search functions on all catalogues (content from HELIO FP7 program)
HELIO-HFC Radio bursts Heliophysics Feature Catalog type 3 radio bursts, from HELIO project
PADC/Paris, Fr
Open; web interface provides search functions on all catalogues (content from HELIO FP7 program)
NASA cosmic dust catalogs INAF-IAPS RDB NASA dust catalogue
Open (uses older version of protocol, to be fixed); web site includes a basic browser
IKS / Vega-1 IR spectroscopy of comet 1P/Halley from Vega-1 spacecraft
PADC/Paris, Fr
Open in test mode; web interface is a simple presentation page with references and links
BDIP Base de Données d'Images Planétaires
PADC/Paris, Fr
Open; web interface includes basic search functions - data service to be updated
Jupiter/DAM Jupiter Decametric Routine Observations from Nançay
Obs-Paris/Nancay, Fr
Open in test mode; web interface provides daily quicklooks
M4ast Modeling for Asteroids
PADC/Paris, Fr
Open; web site includes fitting tools for mineral spectroscopy (content predates Europlanet/IDIS)
BaseCom The Nançay Cometary Database
PADC/Paris, Fr
Open, web interface is a simple page with links - data contents to be reworked
Titan atmosphere Vertical Profiles in Titan Middle Atmosphere, from CIRS/Cassini
PADC/Paris, Fr
Open, no web interface - contents to be enlarged
VEx Mag Measurements from Venus-Express mission magnetometer
IWF/Graz, Aut
In development
TNOs are cool TNO properties measured by Herschel and Spitzer space observatories + selected published properties for more objets
PADC/Paris, Fr
In development
PVOL Planetary Virtual Observatory & Laboratory
U. del Pais Vasco, Sp
Repository of amateur images; database & VO interfaces to be implemented

Data processing environments

These services contain both specialized databases and specific tools dedicated to their analysis. They will be connected through EPN-TAP to be accessible from other environments, and through SAMP or internal EPN-TAP client to handle external data.
Description Host institution Status
(planetary plasmas and solar physics)
Open; contents predates Europlanet/IDIS (updated in Europlanet FP7 & IMPEx)
GhoSST Spectroscopy of solids
(minerals, ices, and cosmomaterials)
Open, to be enlarged into SSHADE (inherited from VAMDC & Europlanet FP7)
PlanetServer Planetary Geographic Information System
(Mars morphology and spectroscopy)
Bremen, Germ
Open, data services to be accesssed from VESPA (inherited from EarthServer FP7 program)

VO visualization tools

VESPA uses visualization and analysis tools maintained by other communities. Functions or parameters relevant to Planetary Science will be added in collaboration with their developers.
Function Host institution Status
CASSIS Spectrum display and analysis
Predates Europlanet (astronomy-related functions only)
Aladin Image display and VO client
Predates Europlanet (astronomy-related functions only)
TOPCAT Table display and VO client
Bristol, UK
Predates Europlanet (astronomy-related functions only)
3Dview Displays data along a spacecraft orbit
Inherited from Rosetta support & IMPEx program. VO interfaces to be added
MATISSE Projections of imaging & spectrosocopy data
Predates Europlanet, support to Italian space experiments

Data handling tools

VESPA relies on IVOA frameworks to handle the more general TAP protocol. Adaptations to Planetay Science content will be performed in collaboration with the original developers.
Function Host institution Status
DaCHS TAP server and client
Heidelberg, Germ
Predates Europlanet - inherited from GAVO national program


VESPA has first been designed in the frame of Europlanet-RI JRA4 work package (IDIS activity).
The Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654208.
Additional funding was provided in France by the Action Spécifique Observatoire Virtuel and Programme National de Planétologie / INSU.

Europlanet Project supported by the European Union VOParis Observatoire